The insulation principle and function of fresh cold chain ice packs are essential knowledge for impr

Release time:Tue 08,2023

Fresh e-commerce is now in hot water, with the daily losses of Youxian and Dingdong buying vegetables continuing to increase. But the needs of the people are still there, which has also led to the development of fresh cold chain logistics, and downstream ice pack insulation package enterprises have also developed. Today, let's explore the insulation principle and function of ice packs.

First of all, let's correct a concept. When it comes to ice packs, everyone may think they are only used in summer, but in fact, they can also be used in winter, with three functions of keeping cold, hot, and fresh.

Application scope of ice packs

In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, people have higher requirements for food safety, health, and greenery. Ice packs are becoming increasingly popular and widely used:

★ Outdoor self driving picnics/camping and fishing

The long-lasting and refreshing preservation of cold drinks, as well as the low-temperature preservation of vegetables and meat during summer self driving outdoor barbecue, can be used.

★ Daily household/carrying milk bags/bento bags

Babies who are still breastfeeding and need to carry breast milk when going out can use a breast bag to ensure the long-term preservation of breast milk; Friends who need to bring their own lunch can also prepare one.

★ Fresh delivery/takeaway delivery

Suitable for fruit slicing shops/fast food restaurants/pizza shops, as well as delivery delivery.

★ Preservation of medical refrigeration equipment

Drugs that need cryopreservation, such as insulin, can also be used by diabetes patients wherever they want.

★ Gift packaging/customized products

Some fresh packaging requires insulation functions, such as hairy crabs, ice skin mooncakes, etc. Insulation boxes and bags required for corporate activities.

The insulation principle of ice packs

In the process of making ice packs, 2-3 layers of insulation layer (such as pearl cotton, PU foam layer, vacuum VIP board, XPS board, aluminum film, etc.) are added internally. Frozen or heated drinks, food, or medicine are placed in the box, achieving stable or small range temperature changes for a long time without the need for external power supply. It can also be used in conjunction with refrigerants to maintain freshness and freshness.

Of course, there are many production processes for fresh and cold chain ice packs, as well as many insulation materials. When choosing to use them, it is important to choose brand products and environmentally friendly materials, and judge the quality of a bag through craftsmanship.