How to choose thermal bag? How long is the heat preservation time of the bag?

Release time:Tue 08,2023

The holding time of the bag

The holding time of the thermal insulation bag is generally between two to three hours, due to the different materials used in the production of thermal insulation bags and the different environment in which they are used, the thermal insulation effect will be slightly different.

Therefore, in some bad weather, many people will add extra auxiliary supplies in it, such as fresh products will put extra ice packs. Sometimes, take-out products such as warm babies can be heated at a constant temperature, and the combination of these products and thermal insulation bags can make the thermal insulation effect better.

How to choose thermal bag?

1. Good heat and cold protection effect

Thermal insulation bag is a special material bag with short-term thermal insulation effect, can keep cold, can also keep heat, in the selection of thermal insulation bag to choose the product insulation layer for pearl cotton + aluminum foil made of, such thermal insulation bag can provide good thermal insulation effect.

2, durable effect is good

When selecting a thermal insulation bag, it is necessary to choose a thermal insulation bag with excellent impact resistance, which is not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, and will not leave a scratch. Such a thermal insulation bag is more durable and not easy to break in the process of use.

3, good sealing

Sealing is also the primary consideration in the selection of thermal insulation bags, good sealing of thermal insulation bags in the heat insulation effect will be better, can better let the food inside lasting fresh.

4, good humidity

From the point of view of the humidity test, the quality of the insulation bag is 200 times lower than the permeability of similar products, which can keep the food fresh for a longer time, so the insulation bag should be selected with the lower the humidity.